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Real text messages between me and my mom:

Mom: Is Gaius in Bridget Jones?
Me: Yes.
Mom: AHA! I knew it! Mel said it wasn't him. I AM KING OF THE LAB!

There were very, very dramatic events that unfolded last night involving text messages, and I kind of want to post an entire entry about it, but right now I'm so drained after talking about it all day that I can't bear the idea of writing it all down. Rest assured, it is very dramatic and unbelievable, and, spoiler alert: I had to call the police at 5:30 in the morning.
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So I took it upon myself to enlighten Tess as to how wonderful Maryann is on True Blood, mostly because I am a Michelle Forbes fangirl and Tess is pretty good at fangirling with me.

Me: [ profile] nicole_anell once said she wished Maryann had been the admiral of the Pegasus
Tess: LOL!
Me: and it would've been a different voyage for sure
Tess: they'd have been out of snacks way before they met Lee, though :-P
Me: absolutely
Me: more orgies.
Tess: LOL
Tess: and they thought Galactica was a party ship :-P
Me: ain't no party like a maryann party cause a maryann party is mandatory
Tess: LOL!
Me: although, LOL
Me: she would've bitchslapped Belzen
Tess: LOL!
Tess: nobody needed vipers

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So there's this place at my school called McKnight Brain Institute and it's the stop before where I work on my bus route. So, while waiting for the bus this afternoon, my coworker Cristina got her phone out to check its location, and this happened.

Cristina: So... whenever I see the McKnight Brain Institute...
Me: ... You substitute the Brian McKnight Institute?
Cristina: YES.
[We high five]
[Time progresses, the bus dawdles]
Me: Maybe he knows we'll be right here waiting for it. [LOL]
Cristina: [gamely chuckles along, not understanding]
Me: I can't think of anymore songs. This is sad.
Cristina: Oh, that two becomes one song.
Me: Um, that's not that Canadian crooner dude.
Cristina: Um, neither is Brian McKnight.
Me: Shut up, yes it is.
Cristina: No. Totally not.
[more time passes, we get on the bus.]
Me: [eventually and sheepishly]: Maybe I'm thinking of Brian McAdams.
Cristina: Bryan Adams.
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So, my mom knows... next to nothing about BSG. That's kind of a lie. She knows a lot of random bits and pieces of BSG that I don't think she should know (like Kara Thrace's actions in Unfinished Business, which she can recount in detail many months later, the fact that Caprica and Tigh had a thing HOW DID SHE REMEMBER THAT?!) and then totally can't remember things that I think she should know (more important details than that, like the fact that Cylons download.)

We just had this conversation that made me legit LOL like five times.

In which I explain how a lack of ~*~love~*~ killed Liam, how Ellen is Caprica's Cylon Mom, and wind up talking about Cylon incest. It's awesome. )
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Reason you should be on tumblr #67291873: THIS STUFF HAPPENS.

I reblogged this picture of Tricia.

[ profile] leiascully saw it and replied, "OMG, long hair! She looks like a Disney princess."

Which is totally true, so I replied "… She does! Little birds could fly around her and not look out of place!"

She cleverly added, "Now I’m imagining a wing of tiny Vipers and Raiders zipping around. One lands on her upraised hand."

So... this happened.

Shut up, like you don't think Princess Caprica and Prince Gaius are the greatest Disney movie that never was. )
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"Seriously. Jesus started the whole wait-three-days thing. He waited three days to come back to life. It was perfect. If he would have only waited one day, a lot of people wouldn't have even heard that he died. They'd be all, 'Hey, Jesus, what up'? And Jesus would probably be like, 'What up? I died yesterday'. And then they'd be all 'Uh, you look pretty alive to me, dude'. And then Jesus would have to explain how he was resurrected and how it was a miracle. And then, the dude would be like, 'Uh, okay, whatever you say, bro'. And he's not going to come back on a Saturday. Everybody's busy doing chores. Working the loom, trimming their beards. No. He waits the exact right number of days: three. Plus, it's Sunday, so everyone's in church already. They're all in there, 'Oh no, Jesus is dead'. Then, bam! He bursts through the back door, runs up the aisle. Everyone's totally psyched. And, FYI, that's when he invented the high-five. Three days, Ted. We wait three days to call because that's how long Jesus wants us to wait. True story."

Happy Easter!
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Moviemaker James Cameron has confirmed he will bring Titanic back to the big screen in 3D in 2012


In related news, yesterday in the car with my mom and sister I heard "My Heart Will Go On" for the first time in... months. When it came on the radio, I was happy, and we all listened to it in contented silence.

Then we got to Target, and this happened while waiting for the elevator.

Me: That was... kind of awful.
Mel: Oh my god, I thought the same thing but I was scared to say it!
Mom: I can't believe what I'm hearing.
Me: No, but it was actually horrible. Why was it so popular?!
Mel: Right? It won awards!
Mom: Who are you two?
Me: [getting an unstoppable giggle fit] And the worst thing is, James Cameron did not want a song.
Mel: Oh my god, so-
Me: [near hysterics] THAT CONVINCED HIM. They wrote that song and played it and James Cameron thought, this! This is perfect.

Why don't I have a Titanic icon anymore? Oh, I remember, BSG obliterated all other interests from being represented. Way to dominate, team.
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Mom: How did I know [Boomer] was an eight?
Me: Because she a Cylon.
Mom: [happily] I like the Sevens.
Me: Um. how?
Mom: [like, 'duh'] Um, she's Tricia Helfer.

Which lead to the singular joy of explaining to my mom about the miscount, and the final five and whatever (her reaction was: YOU HAD A PICTURE TAKEN WITH A CYLON?! ... ... ... Oh wait, you also had pictures taken with Tigh and Mrs Tigh) and about the Caprica/Tigh/Liam debacle (which had my mom all indignant that Caprica had a baby not with Gaius, and all concerned about Tigh, who was married to "the beautiful lady!"
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Text from Melissa:

"So when I'm sad about being a lib arts major and that I'm never going to make any money, I see the looks on kids' faces as they walk out of chem and feel better."

So true! I will be poor and unemployed, however, my life is not consumed by numbers and chemistry. Score!

I thought I was done with work before spring break, and then I found out I have an assignment due on Friday that has to be done tomorrow so I can turn it in before going home. It was cruel, harsh reality. :(
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Me: i'd say i'm getting so crotchety in my old age but i'm just getting crotchetier
Tess: LOL!
Tess: it's okay, so am I :-P
Me: well, yeah. I'd say we're the Queen and Princess of Crotchetsylvania
Tess: LOL!
Tess: we moved here from Grumplandia
Me: LOL!
Me: By Royal Decree: GET OFF OUR LAWN.
Tess: LOL!

I know, I know, right?


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