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Who has two thumbs, is a French major, and graduated today?


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So... I am going to turn in my last paper as a university student.

Dear Lord.
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I almost wrote a post last night about how I felt about graduating, but I didn't because I had a test today and a meeting with one of my professors about one of my final papers. Today was my final day of classes. I went and I sat for the last time in my university as a student and I didn't even realize it until after I had left.

I do not like this feeling at all.
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So I've had mixed afternoon.

First, I go to French Philosophy with Melissa. As we walk into the building, we can hear classical music playing over... the air vents? It's just playing and we're like, huh, that's weird.

Throughout class, though, you can hear the ebb and flow of music. It must've been coming from the airvent. During class I was looking around, trying to see if other people could hear it, and no one was reacting at all.

So, of course, all I could think was "it's in the frakkin' ship!" Because I am a dork.

Then I came home and tried to rectify something with my insurance company. I went to an urgent care place before school started to get some antibiotics. The receptionist told me they accepted our insurance. Now it turns out that they "accept it" but don't have a contract with it- which means they do not accept it- and now I have to pay an additional $55. Because this receptionist is a fucking moron. So all I want to do right now is call up the office and yell at the goddamn receptionist. Which isn't really fair, because it's not like I'd recognize the girl even if I went down there, but I am SO ANGRY. If I had known it wasn't in my network I would've gone elsewhere, NOT PAID NINETY DOLLARS. That is STUPID. ARG.
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Alarm: It's 7:30! Wake up!
Me: The fuck are you going off for? There's no reason for you to be on.
Alarm: Up up up!
Me: No, seriously. I don't have school, why are you set for so early?
Alarm: Uppity up up up!
Me: ... Waaaait a minute. I do have school.
Alarm: 7:31, tard.

Despite the rocky beginning, today was pretty awesome. I am actually psyched about my Italian history class, due to my professor's enthusiasm, the first of my three French classes seems interesting enough, even though I don't really know what the hell we're doing, and Spanish with Belkis, my favorite teacher ever in the history of all my many years of learning. Tomorrow I have an additional two French classes, but even if they suck it'll be negated by the fact that one is going to have Melissa in it. And work was fun too!

Also, I don't know if I've said it before, but: the person who came up with the memory feature of LJ is the person I want to marry. It is my favorite thing ever of all time. I now save everything I could even have a remote interest in looking at on a later date saved, and it makes my life so much easier.

(And: please someone make me stop loving BSG so much. It's out of control.)
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So, school starts tomorrow, which I find unsettling for several reasons. One, summer is over. Two, senior year is starting. Three, I will be expected to have a real direction in my life in one year's time. Holy frak. And I have an 8:30 class tomorrow, which is so unfortunate I don't even know what to do with it.

Also, I was offered me a permanent position. Like, I was for real hired and all, but since I was a substitute I kind of went whenever someone called out, but now I have a steady position from 3:30-6 every weekday. THIS IS AWESOME.

I spent my weekend reading Six fics, with or without Gaius, because suddenly my love for her is strong and fierce and really out of no where. There is no denying she is epic and epically beautiful, but I don't really know what spurred me to be suddenly all RED RED RED RED RED. There are not enough fics about her around.
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Oh hai you guys. This is me doing everything possible not to start packing.

I'm lucky because this is the first year I don't have to move or anything, since I stayed in the same apartment, and I just need to bring back what I brought home in June (which is, you know. Clothes and DVDs, basically) but still omg. I leave on Saturday cause I'm hoping to work next week before school starts, but then I get an email from work saying before I can start, I need to complete a sexual harassment training thing.

Mom: Why do you you have to complete sexual harassment training?
Me: Er, I'm assuming everyone has to, not just me.
Mom: Is it sexual harassment against you or against other people?
Me: Um... both?
Mom: I don't understand.
Me: I think it's like, where it's not okay to touch other people, and what not to say?
Mom: For or for other people?!
Me: I need to end this conversation, Ma.

Also, as of right now, I have an 8:30 AM class four days a week. Hands up if you think I'll be making it.
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Look at me, posting twice in one day!


Getting my check and seeing that I've been paid for five hours less than I worked. I'm sure I can get this problem fixed, but it's kind of a bummer.


Getting football tickets for next season!!! There are people who have never gotten tickets, and I got them all four years! This is especially awesome because it's my last year.
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Dizziness has abated enough so that I could go to class; however, towards the end of my second class it started to return. Therefore I blame an unbalanced mind for admitting to my professor that I skim the chapters we're supposed to read. THAT IS WHAT I SAID. TO A PROFESSOR. What is wrong with me?

(Minocycline. I blame Minocycline.)
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It is cold and rainy, which it never really is in Gainesville, so while I'm horrified I'm also intrigued. I'm going to have to wear my snow boots when I go to the Navigators meeting tonight because I have no real footwear that's appropriate for rain alone, let alone rain + cold.

I just spent just under $200 on textbooks. Logically, I know it's not that much, but goddamn did it hurt to spend that much on things I won't much appreciate.

I did see Philly today- she actually came through!- and we had a very nice time. I'm not sure that we'll see too much of one another, but it was nice seeing her. I also saw Chloe for the first time on campus pretty much ever and I was delighted.

I wish I had an icon with an umbrella or something. The weather is taking over my liiiiife.


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